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Due to their unique stepless horizontal and vertical adjustability, Lenzkes products are used in the plastics industry on injection moulding machines, in metal fabrication, on drilling and milling machines as well as machining centres.

Lenzkes products are also perfect to use on metal forming and stamping presses. Pressure die casting machines also pose no problem due to their immense clamping force.

Quality through consistency and innovative developments

In 1976 Karl-Heinz Lenzkes founded the company with the goal of improving productivity and reducing setup times in manufacturing.

The first generation clamps (S10/ 20) were improved upon in the early 1980s (S 30/ 40). These were further enhanced by a unique extension block system (B 50) allowing greater clamping heights.

In the late 1980s Karl-Heinz Lenzkes added a variety of side clamps (NU/ FL/ SK/ SKQ) for free surface machining.

In the 1990s Karl-Heinz patented the first stepless horizontally and vertically adjustable MQ-Series Clamps (MQ 60/ 70),

which were a revolution in mechanical clamping at that time.

Another milestone in the company’s history was the invention of the integrated sliding plate (MQ 100). Further innovations

(MQ 106/110/130/ 150/ 160/ 200) helped Lenzkes to become the market leader in mechanical clamping systems.

Between 1989 and 2010, in order to keep up with the ever increasing demand for Lenzkes clamps, the company opened facilities

in Great Britain, Spain, USA, Switzerland, France, Poland and China.

The company is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. Lenzkes represents the highest quality in clamping systems. Approximately

150 experienced employees worldwide are constantly helping over 100,000 customers with their clamping needs.

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